May 4, 2010

Quotes of the Day

“We hope we will be able to start the proximity talks soon, and that the Palestinians will not use delay and avoidance tactics. Prime Minister Netanyahu has warned for a whole year against wasting time, and has repeatedly called on the Palestinian Authority leadership to renew the peace process without delay."

- anonymous Israeli official

“Abbas is preparing the ground for the talks to fail. He believes the failure will expose Israel’s true face. He is pessimistic about the outcome and believes the ball is in Israel’s court.”

- Chief of research at the Intelligence Corps, Brig. Gen. Yosef Baidatz

Yes, the Palestinians are the ones preparing the ground for failure...


  1. We will be hearing more of this.
    It is typical Israeli reverse psychology.
    Blame them.
    So they can justify the next attack.
    The amber light always glows with a tint of green. Never red.

  2. Israel is also apparently formulating an "incitement index" to determine its negotiating position. Which means Israel is preparing to intentionally incite the Palestinians with strict measures in the West Bank and Jerusalem, then blame the Palestinians for stalling negotiations.

    Proxy talks may or may not have started, but the four month countdown has definitely begun. We're very anxious to see what happens in September and beyond.

  3. That is if it stays together until Sept. It would not surprise me if a [diversion] tactic is used before them.
    Beware of False Flags.