May 12, 2010

Lie of the Day

“They're tough. And they're going to fight. But -- but what you're seeing not only have we succeeded in driving the Taliban out of Marjah, but it also is a model of the partnership between U.S. forces and Afghan forces. And so you're starting to see Afghan government forces battle ready, toughened, getting more experience. That, then, helps us to execute a transition so that more and more Afghan forces are able to take the lead.

And that's why we put in the additional U.S. troops. That's why General McChrystal is working so hard to clear out key population centers from Taliban control. We have taken the fight to the Taliban in Helmand province, pushed them out of their stronghold in Marjah, and are working to give Afghans the opportunity to reclaim their communities.”

- President Obama, lying to the American and Afghan people


  1. OMG !

    Who writes this stuff? Joseph Goebbels?

    If he actually believes this, then the whole world is in trouble.

  2. I would hope not, although getting his script from the Pentagon isn't reassuring