May 7, 2010

Doublespeak of the Day

"We've gotten more cooperation and it's been a real sea change in the commitment we've seen from the Pakistan government. (But) we want more. We expect more.”

- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on CBS' "60 Minutes,” excerpts of which were released on Friday.

“The Pakistanis have been doing so much more than 18 months or two years ago any of us would have expected. It's their country. They remain in the driver's seat, and they have their foot on the accelerator.”

“We're willing to do as much ... as they are willing to accept. We are prepared to do training, and exercise with them. How big that operation becomes is really up to them.”

- Defense Secretary Robert Gates

Naturally Pakistan noticed...


  1. To me this is code for. "Let us in, or we will knock the door down."
    This is not good at all.
    At the same time it does not surprise me.
    The endless war with out borders may be advancing further into the abyss.

  2. Pakistan is just the beginning too.

  3. That is why they call it the long war.
    The war with no end.
    The war that can never ever be declared a victory.
    The First war in history that is truly global.
    They have manufactured an ever lasting enemy.

    If they want to continue this madness.
    Then there can only be one direction, and one answer to cover the shortages of this on going crusade. ---India---
    Due to logistics, supply routes, and most importantly "boots on the ground". The West WILL HAVE TO find a justification to get India involved.
    If that happens all hell will break lose.
    Or, they continue the [control through chaos] scenario.