January 1, 2010

Quote of the Day

''There are plenty of people here who are capable and willing to make sure that these people will be avenged. This attack will be avenged through successful, aggressive counterterrorism operations.''

- Anonymous CIA official, trading eye for an eye in Muslim, rather than Christian, tradition


  1. Our rhetoric is schoolyard bully rhetoric on steroids.
    They throw a rock we burn down their house. throw another rock and we kill their family.
    We become more and more angry at their attacks which are insignificant in scale.
    We need statesmen not schoolyard bullies to lead us.

  2. All of what you say is true, attacking in anger is counterproductive to stability, but we're especially fascinated with this ironic justice. We're assuming the CIA official is Christian, but if not most of America still is. And equitable retribution, according to Christianity, is forbidden, unlike in Islam or Judaism. Maybe this is some way of connecting with Muslims. Or not.