January 17, 2010

Hugo's Schizophrenia

Hugo Chavez is a political scientist's dream. Random and thus hard to predict, but we understand that much. And so when he speaks of improving relations with America, then accuses it of occupying Haiti, at least Chavez fits his definition.

We can say with certainty that his latest accusation makes no sense.

America doesn't want to occupy Haiti, doesn't want to waste troops on Haiti, doesn't want to stay in Haiti for a prolonged period. Furthermore, America is the leading candidate if one power is needed to rebuild Haiti. Only France comes close.

America isn't going to occupy Haiti in the long term even though it should help rebuild for as long as the democratically-elected Haitian government requests. If Chavez would accomplish more by getting Jean-Bertrand Aristide on the phone.

We hear Haitians are starting to call for his return.

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