January 10, 2010

Performance in Progress

War is a strange way to launch peace negotiations. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got off to a surprisingly good start considering her history with the Israeli lobby. The next logical action, if she was serious, would be a positive statement from Israel.

This doesn’t seem to be the case. A crack in Clinton’s performance, a fallen piece, reality flickering from behind the curtain.

"Everyone realizes that the Palestinian Authority refuses to renew peace talks, while Israel took significant steps to advance the process,” read a statement from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office.

Netanyahu was responding to US envoy George Mitchell, who inexplicably threatened Israel with financial sanctions. That America needs to pressure Israel more is certain, but to do it now, in the middle of the relaunch, is bound to cause system failures.

At the same time, who exactly does Netanyahu mean by “everyone.” Not everyone? "Let's sit down at the table and hammer a two-state solution out," must sound too weak.

Back and forth goes the performance, praising the Palestinians then abusing them, hope then anger, smiles then fear. Some people may qualify this intentional whip-lashing as abuse or oppression. We would say everyone, but Mr. Netanyahu would not agree.

Rumors of a new offensive in Gaza spread with each passing rocket fired into Israel, a trend that’s picking up. The border is hot. Two Palestinians were just killed doing one of two things: picking for scrap metal or firing rockets. Shalit's deal is breaking down. Now Netanyahu threatens mighty retalitation - a strange peace process indeed if this constitutes the second stage of Obama's relaunch.

Hillary needs something big up her sleeve to mask where reality is headed.


  1. Hillary [Shillary] is an Israel Firster. imo; she will run a covert State Dept. within the Obama State Dept. for her own political gain. She knows if this does not go well for Obama, she might be next in line. BIBI needs to see red lights not green lights.

  2. Doesn't look like anyone is holding Netanyahu back. Peace from Hillary, war from Netanyahu, not a hard guess which is reality.

  3. The Zionist agenda is constant war. Control though chaos. The demographics in the region are working against them and they know it. I am not an expert, but I would love to know what Nasrallah is thinking. He must know that sooner or later there will be another [incursion] into Lebanon.

  4. You think it takes an expert to read Nasrallah's mind? What else would he be doing besides building up his defenses for the next war? He certainly expects an Israeli incursion eventually and is preparing for it.

    Now if you're wondering whether he'd preemptively attack during a potential Gaza war, this seems unlikely even though he would spread Israel on two fronts. Nasrallah is smart. He knows building up his political position takes priority, as it possesses greater ability to weaken Israel than an offensive war.

  5. It was just a rhetorical question. No need to be so crass about it. But it is your site and you can say what ever you wish.
    Of course he is preparing for the inevitable attack. And yes i am sure he is shoring up his own infrastructure.
    My question was more in the sense of if he will come out and say anything about the peace process, settlements,gaza, west bank, etc. When he speaks people in the M/E listen.

  6. My apologies, it wasn't my intention to sound harsh. Kind of a rhetorical question of my own. Nasrallah seems to believe the peace process is dead, so whatever that means we aren't really sure. Looks like a few hundred million would agree with him, but does Fatah want his help? With Saudi Arabia, a crucial Fatah supporter, opposed to Hezbollah, that's a good question.