January 13, 2010

Partners In Health

Darkness has fallen on what could be the greatest catastrophe in human history. Haiti has No food, No water, No shelter, No aid. No electricity either. Rescue efforts are said to be impossible.

Survivors and the wounded are sleeping in the streets.

Haiti needs an internationally coordinated air and sea lift of over a million people to hospitals outside the country if the death toll isn't to shame the world forever. There’s almost no limit to how bad the situation could end.

This isn’t to dramatize Haiti, only to pass along Dr. Paul Farmer’s website Partners in Health (PIH). Farmer was in Haiti before anyone else and knows the truth about America's dark history. Uses of Haiti is a hard read.

Our part in the destruction is inescapable. Ignoring this fact during the emergency serves the cover-up. History has finally come to haunt us: America owes Haiti a century of time. It's now or never.

Farmer’s website says all his hospitals survived, being outside the capital, and are operational. He isn’t just the most reliable American in Haiti - he can put the aid to use.

We also hope President Obama puts him in long-term command.

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