December 15, 2010

Quote of the Day

"When we started, we probably were more aligned with counterinsurgency. The emphasis is shifting."

- U.S. Marine Corp General James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, describing the pseudo shift in what has always been a militarized counter-terrorism strategy.

"The counterinsurgency strategy does not work in the Afghan context. Instead of a `clear-hold-build' strategy, it has — predictably — become a `clear and clear again' exercise. More of the same will only bring greater resentment among the population and greater stubbornness in the insurgency."

- Kai Eide, former U.N. envoy to Afghanistan

1 comment:

  1. "clear and clear again"

    These so called [Generals] and policy scribes have learned nothing from history.
    Some of them were around during the time of Nam. And still they have learned NOTHING.

    Amazing absolutely amazing.