December 20, 2010

NATO Denies US military Pushing Pakistan Raids

What bumbling information warfare. No one needs "unnamed American officials" to tell them the Pentagon can barely restrain itself from invading the FATA.

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan is denying reports that American forces are pushing to expand special operations raids into tribal areas of neighboring Pakistan where Islamist militants are known to find refuge.

NATO's deputy chief of communications, U.S. Rear Adm. Gregory Smith, said on Tuesday there was no truth to a report published in The New York Times.

Citing unnamed American officials in Washington, the Times reported on its website late Monday that U.S. military commanders believe special operations forces could capture militants for interrogation, bringing in an intelligence windfall.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information.


  1. IMO Your time table of next summer, is too late. :-)
    Beware of a winter/early spring false flag.

  2. Very possible, though I do expect preliminary operations as these are already underway. It seems the White House and Pentagon can't even wait until summer. They're certainly trying to "soften" Islamabad by building up to July, so that attacks progress and increase naturally rather than at once. They appear to be deploying this plan throughout 2011.

    The second major question is whether ground troops would follow Special Forces. Special Forces would likely have to be in danger, as in Operation Anaconda. That's assuming Pakistan's military doesn't turn hostile.

  3. RE
    "That's assuming Pakistan's military doesn't turn hostile."
    Military coup ????????

  4. There's a lot of talk about that too. I mean the threats that Pakistan's military will return fire in the event of U.S. air or ground incursions. How much of this is grandstanding, and how much reality?

  5. Have you seen this?