April 2, 2011

Libyan Rebel: Training By U.S./Egyptian Special Forces

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  1. When France was liberated after ww2 the guns belonging to the resistance were predominantly in the hands of the Communist Party. De Gaulle managed to out-manoeuvre them and con them into handing over the weapons to the new 'gouvernement nationale'. With the result that France had a quarter of century of uninterrupted right wing government. Probably not what the Communists intended. The lesson, I think, is that who controls the guns will call the tune. Who are the rebels and which factions from their number will control the weaponry? There lies one important key to the future in Libya but a conundrum all the same. The US and the West have form for arming the wrong factions and not so long ago.

  2. Libya as many other countries before.
    Will not have "their own future".
    This will be pure out right colonialism.
    The humanitarian interventionists are not through.
    This is Neolib endless wars without borders.
    Syria is also a major target.
    Syria is targeted by the Neo/Zio/Lib/Cons.
    Mossad and Israel want Syria in the worst way.
    Lebanon will then be surrounded.

    I am so sorry to say my friends, but this will not end for a very, very long time.
    I will slowly but surely have to draw back a bit.
    It is too depressing for me. It is not good for my soul, or my well being.
    This is all like a bad horror movie.
    One that I have already seen the ending to.
    As long as Israel controls D.C. and as long as there is a Shia/Sunni divide.
    There is no effen hope.
    None what so ever.

  3. i tend to agree with reality zone,this all is too conveniant to be spontaneous,all planned and now executed.we are entering into an era of beeing colonised again.God help the bloodshed this will bring.all the while one reads the blogs and papers,blood keeps boiling,not good for health.i guess i will follow reality zone to enjoy whatever time is left.

  4. My only difference with RZ here is that I started as a pessimist about it. Revolutions devour their own children first. I can't think of any exceptions in history. The Ziocons will exploit that fact ruthlessly. The Arab world needs a strong,visionary leader. Someone to face down the Zio/US axis and its tentacles, a Nasser. Even a paper one would be something.

  5. Tony and RZ: I cannot deny that the West is manipulating the revolutionary wave. Neolibs are all too real, and they're licking their lips at Syria. Revolution is like a big tree being uprooted; everything comes up looking tangled together. U.S./Israeli/Saudi contingency did exist and is being put into play, but it cannot control everyone.

    I would only caution against underestimating the uniqueness of these revolutions. Libya’s opposition, or Yemen's for that matter, is as clean as it gets in terms of Islamist and AQ - Allah Akbar doesn’t make a terrorist. My overriding theory is that a democratic peer pressure currently buffers these movements.

    Also Tony, I'm working on the exact problem you mention: a leaderless revolution.

  6. James, I meant to add the opinion that what they need is a 'Mahdi' figure without the religion, if such a phenomenon exists. It worked for Sudanese nationalists in the 1880s. If that one leader, who defeated the might of the British Empire, had not died of natural causes and very young, we would all be living in a different world today. Those events, among others, feed my 'roll of the dice' theory of history.