April 29, 2011

Yemeni Quotes of the Day

"Qatar is now financing the chaos in Yemen, Egypt and Syria and in every Arab country. We will not sign the Gulf initiative if a representative of Qatar attended the meeting of foreign ministers of the GCC."

- Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh

“We insist that the same delegation that traveled to Abu Dhabi will travel to Riyadh, and will sign the Gulf initiative. The final clause, if necessary, will be adopted by Ali Abdullah Saleh as president of the General People's Congress, and not as the President of Yemen, because the agreement is a deal between the parties and political organizations."

- Statement from the ruling General People's Congress

"The president is looking for ways to evade signing the Gulf initiative, so now he's using the excuse of Qatar. Next time he'll look for another excuse."

- Aida Mohammed, female protester in Sana'a

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