April 1, 2011

Saleh and Assad Echo Conspiracies

Far from compromising with Yemen's opposition or giving to their demands, President Ali Abdullah Saleh continues to throw down "chaos" hammers. The meat of his latest address to "youth leadership" in Sana'a:
The youth are the future's force, the youth are the foundation. We support those of the youth who are pure, clean, and non-politicized. Non-politicized, unlike those who are controlled with a remote control.

You were born free, and it is wrong for those seeking power to step on the youth. Those seeking power will have to do it in a civilized manner by going to the ballot boxes, and if the people grant them confidence, then they will immediately hand over the power.

However, The JMP are acting in a chaotic and mob-like manner, they believe that they can step on the youth's blood to achieve power. The JMP leaders are responsible for the regrettable events of Friday [18 March]. They are responsible for the pure blood that was shed in Taiz, Abyan, Sana'a, and other governorates. They are responsible for all this bloodshed, they are behind this crisis, and they are responsible for causing panic and unrest among citizens.

The blame falls on them, not on the regime. The JMP's illegitimate ambitions and uncivilized behavior are the reasons behind the crisis, and they want to reach power by coups. They are all allies: the al-Qaeda, Houthis, separatists, JMP, and all of them have joined forces so as to overthrow the political system. Overthrowing the political system will lead to disunity.

We support the youth and their demands and we will meet your legitimate demands. We will work and direct the concerned parties to meet all your demands.

"It is not legitimately right for a minority to impose its will on the majority. It is not possible in any case that the minority twists the arm of the majority. 95 per cent of the general population supports security and stability, a number of the so-called opposition have no shame in front of TV screens, satellite channels, and say that those who participated in the Friday march, in which more than 1.5 million people rallied, are from the central security, republican guard, and rescue forces.

Those jugglers and liars have no shame. One party, member of the JMP, said that the dialogue is over, and that it serves no purpose now that the president is in a conflict with his own people. If all those millions from Taiz, Hodeidah, Hadramout, Hajjah, Ibb, Mahwait, Amran, Dhamar, Raymah, if all those millions from the republic's governorates are in a conflict with the president, then the president should step down within hours.

If the 95 per cent majority is supporting the security and stability of the country, development and unity, while the 5 per cent minority is disturbing the security of the homeland, then who should be the one leaving? The minority should leave. Not only should they leave power, but the homeland as well. They should leave the country where they are no longer accepted. They should leave the country, which they are destabilizing.
Saleh's definition of "unity" grows stranger by the day. He also forgets to mention that he attempted, unsuccessfully, to negotiate with the JMP behind the youth movement's back. Yemen's youth, above all other actors, are determined to see Saleh resign unconditionally and decide their own future. And they constitute the majority of Yemen's population.

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