November 10, 2010

Quote of the Day

“The problem is the Pentagon. If Obama's generals have their way -- and in an eerie parallel of the way things work in Islamabad, they are increasingly calling the shots in the relationship -- the war in Afghanistan could drag on indefinitely. Pakistan will dig in its heels, as will other regional powers. Taliban attacks will multiply, and the U.S. military and the CIA will escalate their actions along (and maybe even across) the Pakistani border. We are at the cusp of either a broader peace in the region or an ever-widening chaos. It's Obama's choice.”

- Ahmed Rashid, Pakistani author and military analyst, concluding his op-ed, The Road to Kabul Runs Through Kashmir, in Foreign Policy

1 comment:

  1. This also goes to your post below.
    Here is the problem as I see it.
    The [global war on terror] was declared.
    We are still in that mind set.
    Until this changes there will be further chaos.
    There is no end to this now.
    They can not define victory on [gwot].
    This is what they have chosen to keep the fleeting empire alive.
    It is their justification for an existence.
    Terrorist is a scary word.
    Insurgent is not.
    They will play this scare card over and over again.
    They have no plan for if and when this would ever end.
    This is why they are extending it.
    We all knew that the timelines were B.S.
    This is the Pentagons war.
    The Commander in Chief label is now just a status symbol.
    The rest of the world has to make the West's agenda irrelevant.
    Until that happens there will be no peace.
    These war mongers are the beast that must be fed.
    Pakistan will move even more toward China.
    This will be the first step.