April 15, 2010

US Doubles Special Forces in Afghanistan

"You can't kill your way out of these things, but you can remove a lot of the negative influences," claims a senior Defense official. "A significant portion of the leadership has fled over the border, been captured or removed from the equation."

Too bad “killing your way out of these things” still looks like America's strategy in Afghanistan; neither side has any real intention of negotiating. These types of reports indicate that Washington, while championing a political solution, still puts the military first. Special Forces come off as window dressing, and risky.

Without killing Mullah Omar, America will have to annihilate the Taliban army to clear the way for good government. His political strategy in shreds, killing upwards of 20,000 Taliban will take more time than President Barack Obama - and America - have left in Afghanistan.

He must have decided that killing Omar is his last hope.

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  1. How many Mullah Omar's are waiting in the wings?