April 13, 2010

Foreign Policy NYT Style

A nice cover up of the Obama administration's withering foreign policy, courtesy of The New York Times. Oddly (or maybe not), the White House has taken to comparing itself to George Bush.

“Everybody always breaks it down between idealist and realist,” said Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff. “If you had to put him in a category, he’s probably more realpolitik, like Bush 41."

Nothing like pragmatism to explain pseudo-pressure on Israel, supporting fraudulent elections in Afghanistan and Sudan, and shortsightedness in Yemen. Rather than develop new policies, the White House has resigned itself to the status quo and deemed this “realpolitik.”

Obama, the dreamer who believes in "change," never really existed, though those around him will keep trying to convince us otherwise.


  1. BUT, BUT BUT, he got the Nobel Peace Prize. LOL
    Unless he makes a major turn around, and soon. Something I do not expect. This will just be another Israeli green light American Foreign Policy. Redux, after redux.
    America can no longer be seen as an honest peace broker in the region.
    The region its self will have to come up with their own Nelson Mandela.

  2. http://news.antiwar.com/2010/04/13/obama-israel-should-sign-npt/

  3. Their scheme is too predictable.

    It seems obvious that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict requires international mediation, some joint team of US, EU, UN, Middle East delegates. But that's just us.

  4. Lol. These are the same players that have brought about the status quo.
    They are just like the mob, every one gets paid off, and then every one gets a piece of the action. This is endless long war mentality. The world never equates Bibi with the Neocons. This is a shame because Bibi was, and is an uber Neocon.

  5. I just posted where Abdullah says war is imminent.