April 27, 2010

Quote of the Day

"We are not facing a big threat. You get one or two incidents once or twice a week. That shouldn't be a concern. A suicide attack can happen anywhere."

- Ahmad Wali Karzai, telling the AP that the UN should stay in Kandahar


  1. Remember this?



  2. YOU guys have to read the whole article this is good.
    I am a little busy with a demonstration that is being planned in AZ.

  3. The world is flooded with PR and Afghanistan is getting a massive dose. So is Palestine, and am already going through that article.

    I also wish you good luck in your political action. Watch out down there, the left and right are creating a flash point.

  4. Thanks, "May Day"
    I might have to take a hard hat, instead of my tin foil hat. LOL

    Check this, also the Update CNN link

  5. Isn't this the truth: "Just as in the past, support for democracy, and for human rights as well, keeps to the pattern that scholarship has repeatedly discovered, correlating closely with strategic and economic objectives. There should be little difficulty in understanding why those whose eyes are not closed tight shut by rigid doctrine dismiss Obama’s yearning for human rights and democracy as a joke in bad taste."

  6. Yep, he hit it on the head with that one.
    I think he is also saying that this now, as before, is out of the Presidents hands.