March 3, 2010

Quote of the Days

"In the Middle East you need two to tango, but it could be that we need three to tango, and we might need to leapfrog at first, but the obstacle isn't and never was Israel."

- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

"You worked hard to get to that seat, you waited, you sat in the opposition, you made crafty plans. Surely you had an idea of where you wanted to lead the country. But nothing. Since you took control, Israel has become a pariah country in the world."

- Israeli Opposition leader Tzipi Livni


  1. I agree that Israel should not be treated as an obstacle. It should be treated as, and for what it is. A rogue state that does not wish for peace. As such it should be declared null and void.
    It can not be asked to come to the table. It must now be told to come to the table of peace. Israel has nothing to contribute to world peace. It should surrender to world opinion, and world courts as to its future. A future that can live in peace along side its Arab neighbors.
    Israel will not accept a Palestinian state. Plain and simple. So now it must be diplomatically forced to accept it.
    If not then the world should put an economic, and diplomatic embargo on Israel.

  2. Not many states remain between something similar to that situation except for America. That would not be the case 30 years ago, even 10. Who knows what will happen if Israel continues acting the way it is for the next five or 10 years? I'm not betting Israel's political shield for hold up forever.