March 30, 2010

Obama Green Lights Palestinian Resistance

OK, his real message isn't so sensational, but it does come across that way.

A statement released by the White House and signed by President Barack Obama reminded everyone that the story of Exodus teaches, "wherever we live, there is oppression to be fought and freedom to be won. In retelling this story from generation to generation, we are reminded of our ongoing responsibility to fight against all forms of suffering and discrimination.”

Could this really be an innuendo to Israel and the Palestinians, or just a poorly timed and worded coincidence?


  1. LOL
    Just as when W was asked about where OBL was. W replied some thing like. "I do not know, I do not think about him much"
    Well I do not think that Obama has the Palestinians plight on his mind.

    BTW: IMO The Exodus never happened. It is a myth.

  2. I think he lays as much responsibility upon himself as he does anyone else. We could even relate such a concept to our own families, in role playing, or victimizing/bullying. This is the message of Pesach, Passover for my family.

  3. James,
    Sadly I would have to say coincidence.

  4. Might be the closest he ever comes though.