March 25, 2010

Petraeus Caves to Israeli Pressure

He can clarify and justify his actions however he wants, but that is the reality. Maybe General Petraeus is what Netanyahu and Obama talked about for three hours.


  1. Gates belongs to Papa Bush and his "realists".
    Where is Gates?
    Why does it appear that he is silent on this.
    The "realist" crew were always more pro-pan-Arab. In so much as [House of Bush House of Saud.]
    Perhaps it is now [ The House of Bush, House of Saud, House of Zion.]

  2. Have you guys seen the new article by Pepe, and Juan? They nail it big time.

  3. I would love to see your opinion on this.

  4. Now that Petraeus has backtracked every single thing we've seen is fake. It's all fake. We've been writing this for weeks and have little more to say. A crisis certainly exists, but it's still US-Israel vs. Palsetine/Muslims/international community, not US vs. Israel. Though eventually America and Israel's relationship will take a real hit.

    And Gates has spoken.,7340,L-3868265,00.html

    Apparently a "lack of progress" on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does have an effect on US security, just not a "direct" effect. Mad mind control.

  5. Interesting indeed.
    Nt so much of what Gates had to say. [Which wasn't much] but what King Abdallah had to say.
    My only question is. Was he speaking directly to Israel? Or, was he speaking to the streets of Jordan?


    James Baker and his boyz.