February 22, 2010

Moon Monday

There is no reason not to colonize the Moon - except the potential pollution of the Moon and the human species. Yet it is improbable that world powers, in conjunction with powerful individuals and consortiums, will resist the urge to weaponize and resource harvest the Moon. We have little choice other than to accept this inevitable future.

The wheels are already in motion. Understanding the process becomes the next best course of action.

By no means do we treat 2010 as the moment when lunar exploration takes off. Humans have been debating the finer points for over a century, and reports now can appear disturbingly similar to those dated 2000. Individual governments and private interests are still decades removed from establishing a permanent residence on the Moon.

That said, lunar exploration will become reality only through continual determination, awareness, and innovation, and we intend to contribute to the process. 2020-2030 should see significant lunar development. No party can afford to wait, each much strive every day until 2025 and beyond if they want to touch down first and claim the prime real-estate.

Monday night in The Trench is now Moon Monday. Here’s why:

1. Politics
2. Military bases

3. Extra-terrestrial experimentation of:
a. micro-gravity
b. space atmosphere
c. solar rays
d. the elements
e. agriculture
f. military technology
g. space technology

4. Resource harvesting
5. Space port to asteroids, Mars, and beyond
6. Lunar elevator
7. Tourism
8. Human curiosity and competition (intrinsic and political)
9. No Choice (global warming, excess population, low resources, etc.)
10. Inevitable (see above reasons)

These topics and more will be explored every Monday in hopes of constructing a theoretical lunar infrastructure. Space is the ultimate political frontier.

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