December 13, 2009

Quote of the Day

"All the government functionaries, including federal government or provincial governments are directed not to hand over the alleged detainees (Americans) to any American agencies, or any other foreign agencies."

- Faisal Zaman, attorney of Pakistan's Punjab province


  1. Most likely the situation is that the tail is wagging the dog again. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that we are continuing action in Afghanistan at the 'urging' of the Israel and AIPAC lobby. We are positioning for a strike on Iran. The 'surge' (and the long deep thinking about it) was a ploy to put on Afghan soil a large number of special forces, and blame it on the situation in Afghanistan.

  2. The long-term decision on US involvement in Afghanistan will only occur after the aforementioned dust-up in Iran. I am an old-time conservative. A Paleo-Con; Pat Buchanan, Bill Buckley etc are my heroes. I am not a leftist anti-war moron. I simply believe in America and her interests come first. Sorta like our founders envisioned it. In other words, I'm a radical.

  3. Not a bad theory. Risky, but the surge is risky and so is a war with Iranian. Do you really believe President Obama has the nerve to strike Iran though? Honestly we don't.

    But Afghanistan is its own problem. Have you considered that he's escalating in Afghanistan to look hard because he will eventually soften on Iran? Looking tough in Afghanistan was, afer all, how he equalized his opposition to Iraq.