December 3, 2009

Quotes of the Day

"I believe that by next summer you'll see significant improvements in security... By this time next year - one year from now - I believe I'll be able to tell you that the strategy is clearly working and will be successful and I'll be able to point out that to you."

- General McChrystal, on Afghanistan

"It is extremely insulting, but it doesn't affect me and it doesn't affect the Afghan people."

- Hamid Karzai, calling British PM Gordon Brown's call for a timetable to train ANA forces and clean up corruption "very unfortunate and very artificial"

'Today it is the presence of al Qaeda in Pakistan, its direct ties to and support from the Taliban in Afghanistan and the perils of an unstable, nuclear-armed Pakistan that drive our mission."

- Senator John Kerry, testifying to Congress on the necessity of escalation

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