March 23, 2012

U.S. State Department Approves Egyptian Military Aid

The script of counterrevolution:
Today, Secretary Clinton has certified to Congress that Egypt is meeting its obligations under its Peace Treaty with Israel. The Secretary has also waived legislative conditions related to Egypt’s democratic transition, on the basis of America’s national security interests, allowing for the continued flow of Foreign Military Financing to Egypt. These decisions reflect America’s over-arching goal: to maintain our strategic partnership with an Egypt made stronger and more stable by a successful transition to democracy.

Egypt has made significant progress toward democracy in the last 15 months, including: free and fair parliamentary elections and the transfer of legislative authority to the new People’s Assembly, and a date announced for complete transition to civilian leadership. However, Egypt’s transition to democracy is not yet complete, and more work remains to protect universal rights and freedoms. The Egyptian people themselves have made this clear to their own leaders.

The Secretary’s decision to waive is also designed to demonstrate our strong support for Egypt’s enduring role as a security partner and leader in promoting regional stability and peace. Egypt has maintained thirty-plus years of peace with Israel. It contributes to efforts to stop proliferation and arms smuggling and facilitates missions from Afghanistan to counterterrorism in the Horn of Africa.

We are committed to supporting the Egyptian people as they strive for the dignity, opportunity, rights and freedoms for which they have already sacrificed so much. That includes protection for civil society and NGOs, which have a critical role to play in building Egypt’s democracy. We remain deeply concerned regarding the trials of civil society activists—non-Egyptians and Egyptians alike—and have raised these concerns at the highest levels, urging an end to harassment.

The political transition underway is bringing about a new, more democratic Egypt. As this process continues, we look forward to engaging with Egyptians on how we can best support and advance the interests we share. We will, of course, consult closely with the Congress about these issues.

Egyptians are living through one of the most remarkable periods of their thousands of years of history. Today we reaffirm our support for Egypt, for its historic accomplishments to date, for the democratic journey it is on and for our enduring partnership.
The State Department's Victoria Nuland later rejected the notion that the Obama administration is putting national security ahead of human rights. Her lengthy response is cut and pasted from the original script utilized by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


  1. This was spear headed by Israel.
    This aid is nothing more than a bribe to try and keep the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel at this time.
    D.C. is putting Israels national interest ahead of human rights issues once again.
    Propping up a military is not the same as promoting democracy.
    It is the exact opposite.
    But, of course this is what we have been doing in the M/E for decades.
    U.S./Israel is still looking for their next Mubarak.

  2. The Israeli government is certainly included amongst the Pentagon's backers. This move is particularly disturbing because it conclusively demonstrates (in addition to Yemen, Bahrain, Syria) that the Obama administration has no intention of amending America's response to the Arab revolutions. The counter-revolution is only strengthening over time, although U.S. policy is simultaneously weakening.

    Like the effects of steroids.

  3. KSA also approves.
    They would rather keep the action is the streets of Egypt, and Bahrain.
    And not in the streets of Riyadh.
    IMO the U.S. is inviting more blowback.
    Or are they trying to turn the arch of chaos into the arch of fire?