June 21, 2011

Donald Rumsfeld Defends Iraq War, Guantánamo Detention Center

Not even Washington insider Charlie Rose can spin Donald Rumsfeld’s delusion.


  1. Rummy should be frog marched out of the studio, and then straight to Gitmo.
    He makes me ill.
    He and his fellow war mongers knew exactly what they were doing.
    He wanted Iraq even before 9/11.
    Even General Franks said that he was crazy when he gave the orders to go into Iraq.
    And he was not the brightest light in the room.

    Has any one noticed that all the Neocons are on all the talk shows, and MSM in full strength.

  2. How to wear ignorance and delusion as badges of honour. Rumsfeld will recorded in the same chapters of history as Nixon and McCarthy and the like.