June 30, 2011

Pakistan "Stops" U.S. Drone Activity at Shamsi

Hard to believe but necessary to report.


  1. Hi James!

    I don't know where else to ask: Kashmir seems to be unusually quiet for this time of year. Do you think it's possible they won't profit anything from the Arab Spring or not even start the usual protests rolling this summer?

    Anyway, awesome work here! :)

  2. I too am awaiting signs of movement in Kashmir. However the dynamics within Indian-controlled territory appear to have tempered from last summer. Separatist leaders Mirwaiz Farooq and Syed Ali Shah Geelani are trying to maintain a hardline against India, but they're going through a personal struggle within the Hurriyat and require further organization. Another reaction may be more likely than a designed campaign. I do wish Kashmiris would take advantage of the Arab Spring after serving as a prelude.