February 8, 2011

AQAP Captures U.S. Predator Drone

With America's war against al-Qaeda and other militant groups primed for at least another decade, it seems inevitable that al-Qaeda will come to possess their own form of drone technology.

ADEN, Yemen — A suspected US spy drone crashed near the south Yemen town of Loder on Tuesday, a police official said, while witnesses said that Al-Qaeda forces were able to make off with the plane's wreckage.

The drone crashed in the village of Jahayn near Loder, in Yemen's Abyan province where Al-Qaeda has a strong presence, and was discovered by residents early on Tuesday, the official told AFP.

Witnesses told AFP that Al-Qaeda jihadists were able to seize what remained of the drone.

The police official said that the drone was of the Predator type, which can be used for reconnaissance but also can be armed with missiles. Predator drones have been widely used by the US in Afghanistan and Pakistan...

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