June 28, 2010

Quotes of the Day

“I think that right now the debate surrounding Afghanistan is presented as either we get up and leave immediately because there’s no chance at a positive outcome, or we stay basically indefinitely and do quote unquote whatever it takes for as long as it takes.”

- US President Barack Obama, lamenting “a lot of obsession” surrounding the war’s exit strategy.

He made these comments on a Sunday, out of the country, and around the same time Senator Diane Feinstein, a vocal opponent of Afghanistan, added six months onto Obama’s deadline if (when) requested by Petraeus. And he wonders why we're "obsessed."

"It was purely a political decision, not one based on facts on the ground, not one based on military strategy.”

- Republican Senator John McCain, referring Obama’s July 2011 “deadline”

"None of the players believe in the current strategy. Karzai is going down the drain and taking the international community with him.”

- Opposition leader Abdullah Abdullah

“We've got a chance in hell. That's about all we've got."

- anonymous US adviser in Afghanistan, according to Slate's Fred Kaplan


  1. IMO: Obama has given up on the mid-term elections. He is preparing to be a one term President. This mind set is very dangerous. i believe he is now all in. And he is beginning to like it. His whole tone and facial expressions have changed. They were going to turn the forces in S/Korea over to ROK forces in 2012. Now Obama says they have to hold off on that until 2015-2017. He is using the Cheonan incident to justify this move. LOL. And I was, and still am planning on moving to Korea in 2012. LOL

  2. The "ruling class" does not want any of these idiotic wars of choice to end. It is all endless wars for endless profits.
    Remember, it is not the "ruling class" who do the fighting, bleeding, and dying in wars. It is the working class and poor kids who fight the damn fool wars now days.
    Maybe, just maybe, if we still had the draft and some of the "ruling class" might get drafted into these wars, they might slow down a bit. Then, that did not happen during the Vietnam war, so maybe I am just dreaming.

  3. I find it very doubtful that Obama has resigned himself to one term - his ego would go four terms. And with a lack of candidates from both parties, he may be able to squeak out a second term even if many of his policies fail. The same situation happened in 2004 with George Bush. At the same time, Obama could very well see the writing on the wall and begin shifting policies towards the one and done mindset, while still vainly hoping for another term.

    Korea is an intractable situation, given that Obama and crew have decided to chastise China rather than work with it. If you're really moving at least you'll have a front row seat to the conflict.

    Charlie: Our work is driven by the fact that, were any of these wars to explode uncontrollably, we would soon find ourselves drafted for the front-lines. Every day officials in Washington waltz to a podium and lie about Afghanistan, confident that they and their families will escape the damage. Without engaging in hyperbole, America isn't so far away from a draft: protraction in Afghanistan, war with Iran, a 9/11 style attack from Somalia, civil war in Sudan after its referendum, or the completely unexpected.