October 4, 2009

COIN 101

Check this quote from Lawrence Korb, courtesy of the AP:

The disputed election in Afghanistan, tainted by allegations of widespread fraud, has jolted the administration and renewed serious doubts about the credibility of the Kabul government.

"Nobody expected it to go this poorly and that I think that has got people thinking," Korb said.

Scary how bad President Obama slipped on the election and how much the media is giving him a free ride. In fact many people expected the election to go poorly. Is anyone home in the White House? National Security Adviser James Jones just told General McChrystal not to talk through the media.

In an unrelated note, Obama suffered another propaganda defeat as Hakimullah Mehsud met with reporters to prove he's alive and threaten America. The AP reports, "Mehsud, flanked by other Taliban commanders in a show of unity, spoke to a small group of reporters Sunday on condition the interview only be published Monday." Those present included Waliur Rehman, second in command and commander in Waziristan.

"We are fully prepared for that operation and we will give full proof of those preparations once the offensive is launched," Hakimullah told reporters.

Think twice the next time you hear, "We're pretty clear that we think he's dead."

Still, Octopus Mountain wouldn't be surprised if he was killed in a drone strike. Hakimullah is a flamboyant militant leader, making for an easy target. At the same time, militants will eventually evolve past drones and are already in the process. The robots still seem to hold the edge for now, but for how long?

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