November 22, 2011

Yemenis Await Saleh’s Next Scheme

Whatever course Ali Abdullah Saleh decides to take today, Yemen’s revolutionaries plan to intensify their movement against his regime and the Gulf Cooperation Council’s biased proposal. The oppositional Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) may become an official target of protest too.

"Saleh could sign the deal within the next hours or tomorrow. But we cannot say for sure that we would sign because he has changed his mind many times in the minutes," an oppositional source told Gulf News on Tuesday morning. "The opposition was reluctant to accept him to stay in power even without power, because it was against the wishes of the camping protesters.”

Saleh also spent Saturday delegitimizing the JMP with his Republican Guard.

“You have foiled the plots of the revolution's enemies, deserters, mercenaries, and defeated elements. You have beaten the arms dealers with your bravery and persistence even if they turned into elements of sabotage. All their plots and propaganda were crushed. They had nothing left but explosive devices that they sneak inside camps and bases through some agents and hireling individuals so as to strike our valiant officers and soldiers. They deceived you by pretending to be your comrades, but they are not your comrades anymore, for they have breached the law and regime. They have become militias in military uniform; they shave their beards and adorn themselves with the armed forces uniform. They are blocking the roads and assassinate citizens; they are also preventing students from attending their schools or universities.”

Sounds like a man who shouldn’t be allowed to remain “honorary president,” keep his military leadership in power, oversee a snap election and receive immunity for thousands of murders. Expecting to manipulate a power transfer is one thing, but foreign diplomats are harboring illusions if they expect Yemenis to stop demonstrating against Saleh’s regime and the GCC initiative.


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