August 12, 2011

GOP Candidates Flub Foreign Policy

Our criticism of the Obama administration's foreign policy (or lack-thereof) doesn’t mean we are any more confident of a Republican administration. If forced to choose we would opt for neither, although the GOP’s response to the Arab Spring is presumably more reckless than Obama’s. A Republican would vocally stand by Saudi Arabia and against Iran, ignoring the wider historic event in progress, whereas the Obama administration favors quiet support for Riyadh’s counter-revolution.

Read the whole article at Foreign Policy:
"Foreign policy turned out to be a prominent part of Thursday night's GOP primary debate. The questions covered a range of countries -- and the accuracy of the candidates' responses was similarly all over the map. Almost all the candidates committed unforced errors when talking about foreign policy and national security..."

1 comment:

  1. The only one with any foreign policy experience is Huntsman. And he has no chance of becoming the nominee.
    IMO nominees from both parties should declare who will be in their cabinet before the general election.
    Unless something drastic happens over seas between now and then.
    This election will be about the economy.