May 1, 2011

U.S. Says It Has Bin Laden's Body

U.S. cable news is reporting that Osama bin Laden's body has been recovered by U.S. forces. Subsequent sources claim he was killed by actionable U.S. intelligence with a "U.S. asset," either a drone or a Special Forces/CIA team. Additional reports claim he was killed outside a mansion in Islamabad, Pakistan, suggesting a land raid with U.S. and/or Pakistani forces. New reports are ruling out Pakistani knowledge or participation.

If true this event couldn't have happened at a stranger time in the Middle East. President Barack Obama allegedly tried to announce the news himself before the White House sprung a leak. CNN is already spinning his death out of control. Propaganda from all sides will be at maximum output.

Obama is due to address the world shortly. Updates to follow.


  1. A Leak! From the Whitehouse! If the Whitehouse staff cannot be trusted to keep from leaking information, how can we trust our own government. to keep us protected from terrorist attacks when our own leaders leak information behind our president's back.

  2. Having been tripped up by leaks since taking office, President Obama still hasn't plugged up all of the holes yet.

    Although a controlled leak remains a possibility, to build suspense. If Obama had addressed the nation as soon as the news broke, he would have addressed a fraction of his eventual audience.