March 17, 2011

Obama Fails to Block Aristide From Haiti

Some things never change:

“The United States, along with others in the international community, has deep concerns that President Aristide’s return to Haiti in the closing days of the election could be destabilizing. President Obama reiterated that view in a call with President Zuma the other day that address a range of global challenges, along with his belief that the Haitian people deserve the chance to choose their government through peaceful, free, and fair elections March 20.”

- Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for the United States National Security Council

"We can't hold him hostage if he wants to go."

- South African Cabinet Minister Collins Chabane

We would like to know what other countries, besides France, support the exile of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. An expedient statement to make without providing further details.

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