September 21, 2010

Quote of the Day

“I don’t believe that under these circumstances international troops will do the job. We live in a very tough neighborhood and the peace will be tested constantly.”

- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, issuing a precondition for an Israeli military force on a future Palestine's border. His call comes amid reports that Washington has demanded that Palestinians stop attacking Netanyahu, who recently reaffirmed his intention not to extend Israel's settlement freeze in the West Bank.


  1. Any news coming from the Peace conference is NO news.
    It is all about the illegal settlements period.
    Israel will not budge, on the contrary they will build more, and more, and more.
    Israel does not want any outside observers running around. They like their apartheid policies just the way they are.
    They refuse to sign the NPT, this makes them a global rogue country.
    Every one is hoping for the best. Hoping that an agreement will be met.

    In reality.
    The fuse is in place and some one will light it.

  2. Five days to make a deal leaves no margin for error, a bad sign for what has been sloppy mediation under the Obama administration. Although I have the sinking feeling that the Palestinians will continue with negotiations if they can get even a partial freeze. Netanyahu is setting them up to walk out, which pressures the Palestinians to stay in on his terms. Clinton is right, he and Abbas might be the only two leaders who can reach an agreement - on Israel and America's terms. Netanyahu is walking on Abbas as planned, certainly going to be a tough call on the Palestinian side.

    But caving now would set a bad precedent, as they may then cave on every final status issue.