July 30, 2010

Quotes of the Day

"We can do nothing but implore the person that has those classified top secret documents not to post any more. I think it's important that no more damage be done to our national security."

- White House spokesperson Robert Gibbs

"Secretary Gates could have used his time, as other nations have done, to announce a broad inquiry into these killings. He could have announced specific criminal investigations into the deaths we have exposed. He could have announced a panel to hear the heartfelt dissent of U.S. soldiers, who know this war from the ground. He could have apologized to the Afghani people.

But he did none of these things. He decided to treat these issues and the countries affected by them with contempt. Instead of explaining how he would address these issues, he decided to announce how he would suppress them. This behavior is unacceptable. We will not be suppressed. We will continue to expose abuses by this administration and others."

- statement from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who US Secretary Robert Gates previously said had blood on his hands

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