November 21, 2009

COIN 101

Pakistan has chosen a pragmatic strategy considering its woes. Whereas US influence must be accepted by its leaders, Indian influence is opposed at all times. Being in no position to refuse US military and economic assistance, the slightest weakness towards India would multiply the pressure beyond Pakistan's breaking point.

Responding to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s call for a dialogue over the dispute Kashmir territory, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi told reporters at Multan Airport, “We are not ready to come into any one’s pressure. What we keep forth is our national and international interest.”

“I want to convey this message to India that if they are willing to resume a meaningful dialogue, we’re willing to sit with them,” he said. “But if they come for sitting just for the sake of sitting, we’re not ready to spoil our time.”

Pakistan has numerous reasons to be skeptical of India’s diplomatic advances, and India of Pakistan's. Mumbai altered the strategic landscape in South Asia; America and India reinforced their alliance on counter-terrorism. Both countries began leveraging Mumbai for action from Pakistan, with India using preconditions to dictate Kashmir negotiations.

Pakistan, aware that America and India are coordinating their pressure, has not enjoyed the arm-twisting. Now it's payback time.

The Pakistan media is reporting that ISI chief Lt. General Ahmed Shujja Pasha met with his CIA counterpart Leon Panetta hours ago. Pasha supposedly confronted Panetta with evidence of Indian arms found in Balochistan and Wazirsitan. Pasha accused the US military of not doing enough to stop the flow of weapons from east or west.

India’s alleged actions are part of a broader context. Rumors that America abandoned outposts along the Afghan border has prompted Pakistani concerns. Why has America pulled away the anvil when Pakistan is finally hammering away?

Reality or not, the perception is growing that America wants to keep Pakistan destabilized so that it continues fighting militants across the FATA. The TTP blamed Blackwater for working towards the same goal, now India has been publicly added to the list.

Deliberate destabilization of Pakistan is a volatile counterinsurgency strategy, but conspiracies are inching towards reality.

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  1. So typical Indian bringing Pakistan down. Everyone knows RAW and CIA funded terrorists for years. Pakistan doesn't want terrorism either but America and India want to beat up Pakistan, not help us.